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  • Spielraum-Tipp:Butoh Workshop

    Organisiert von Spielraumerin Franziska Gerth:

    Butoh - Dance of Being

    This workshop offer a space to research in movement, in physical and emotional level, a space to research develop our own Butoh dance.

    The work will start with a body training intended to release extra-tensions in our body and allow the energy to circulate inside the body, in order to find more fluid and organic movement, without useless effort. This will then help us to activate the energy and power that we can put in our dance.

    We will focus on breathing work, movement connected to the breathing, and how to move the energy inside the body and around it. Connecting inside with outside.Working on the state of presence. Practicing dance improvisation with imagery guidance, continuously researching new possibilities of expression, breaking old patterns and find new surprising way to move.

    It’s open to all people with different kind of artistic and life experience.

    11. - 13. Oktober


    Spielraum-Mitglieder zahlen den Early-Bird-Preis noch bis zum 15.09.!




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